Our kennels, catteries, stables, sheds, and other installations are constructed to meet the highest possible standards. Throughout the process , from design – through material sourcing, through manufacture and assembly, to site installation and after-sales service – our standards of installation are second to none.


All sections of our outdoor kennels are manufactured from 35mm thick x 250mm wide polyethylene, hollow interlocking planks for strength, durability and insulation.

All sections are edged with aluminium for strength and the prevention of chewing. The floors have a non- slip surface, which can be quickly hosed down for easy cleaning.


Because all our kennels are made to measure, you can incorporate your ideas with ours, whether it is a single kennel or a large block. This potentially makes each kennel unique in it’s design. For example: you may wish to have a door in the rear of the kennel with a pulley operated sliding hatch in the front, or maybe a stable door instead.


All our outdoor kennels are six feet high and are easily erected by two people in about an hour.


For added insulation, we can insert polystyrene into the hollow cavities of the planking, (just like cavity wall insulation), at the time of manufacture.


All hinges and door bolts are galvanised for a maintenance free long life.